Jaipur Kurti Manufacturer Association (JKMA)

Black List Buyers

What We Do & Why We Do

To Blacklist Buyer

Kurti Manufacturer has to do huge investment in business by his own capital or by bank loan in Land, Building, Machinery, Raw Material, Workers Wages, Staff Salaries, Electricity, Government Taxes etc.

Maximum Percentage of his Business Sell goes in Credit. Credit terms and conditions are decided by Manufacturer and Buyer mutually. Still some exceptions are always there who violates the terms and conditions and misuse the credit facility offered by Kurti Manufacturer. That buyer does not pay on time to the Manufacturer and starts business with other manufacturer. This is the way some exceptional buyers are doing cheating which force Manufacturer to approach Jaipur Kurti Manufacturer Association for solution.



Buyer Violates Terms and Conditions of Business

When credit period is crossed, Manufacturer calls or inform for payment of due invoices. Then buyer gives excuses. Many buyers do GOODS RETURN if goods are not sold which is also violation if dealing is not done Sell or Return basis. When all hopes are over of expectation of payment then only manufacturer approaches to the honorable association for solution.

Association contact the Buyer

After receipt of COMPLAINT FORM, Complaint with documents are checked for approval. Once the documents are verified, Complaint is assigned for solution by President to any senior administrative member who has no prior business relation with buyer.

Manufacturer Approaches to Association

It is very exceptional case when Manufacturer has to approach Jaipur Kurti Manufacturer Association (JKMA). JKMA has already have an option to File Complaint Against Buyer through Online & Written Method where Manufacturer files his complaint details about buyers with copy of Purchase Order, Invoice, Transport Copy and permission to solve case by contacting buyer.

Definite Solution

Officer makes contact to the buyer by call and shares the complaint details received. In most of the cases, solution is received by buyer on phone call only otherwise JKMA issues NOTICE to the buyer. When buyer does not respond or co-operates association then FIR in local POLICE STATION is lodged. Then only BUYER details is uploaded on website with FIR details to save other manufacturers from being victim of that buyer.

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